top online casinos that give free spins

What is a Free Spin?

Simply put, free spins are offered by a casino as an enticement for you to join and try out their games online. You may have to make a deposit as you open an account with the company, but there are also no-deposit free spins from which you can play and turn into real money. Currently, there are several casinos offering EUR10 of their own cash for you to play with so that you need risk none of your own. Here is some more information:

What are free spins?

Casinos often offer free spins to new customers as a welcome bonus, but existing customers can also find free spin offers as a loyalty bonus or other promotional prize. Before making any commitment, check the casinos’ terms in relation to deposits and conditions on wagers needed before withdrawing cash. Whilst free spins are unlikely to make you a fortune, they can put money into your account to wager on other games with higher rewards.

You can find the best casinos that offer them here. After that just register at a casino with your personal details. Wait for email confirmation from the casino, not just that your account has been set up, but also the number of free spins you have been awarded and the time in which you should use them.

How to use free spins

how to use free spins and what we need to know

If no stake is required, the games can be played even if your account is empty. While some online casinos allow free spins on any of their games, others restrict the use of free spins to specified games only, with slots being the most common games.

Although online casinos offer free spins to entice in new players, nearly all of them do not allow winnings to be withdrawn immediately. There will usually be a condition that you play with a set number or value of deposits from account first. It will be rare to be given free spins without having to make some financial commitment to the company.

Is it worth it?

If you want to win real money from free spins, source a safe, reputable online casino. You can play any game with some free spins without risk to your own money, but you are unlikely to win much, perhaps USD10 or USD25 on a good day, but it can be just as easy to lose it all.

Some casinos have been known to offer a promotion in which you have exactly one hour to play all the free spins. For the best chance of winning, first, determine your play strategy. Research and study the games offered by the casino, including the unique features of any of the games you want to play or that are being offered for the best chance of profiting.